Data Empowered Climate Collectives

Enter the map

A map that combines climate activism and satellite data

Our #decarbnow map brings climate activism and satellite data together. On this map, digital climate activists can register and pinpoint polluters. At this moment, this can be done with the use of Twitter.

Pinpointing Pollution

Pollutant emissions need to be reduced drastically. We offer a map where digital climate activists can directly engage in pollution-tracking. #decarbnow builds a community-driven platform that pinpoints emission hotspots.

Empowering Action

Climate-initatives should be powered by democratic technology and trustworthy data. Our map visualizes pollution hotspots based on data from several sources like NASA, ESA, WRI, and EEA. #decarbnow empowers both climate-science and climate-action in one interactive map.

Accelerating Transition

For a sustainable society we need to accelerate collective transition. By making climate initiatives visible, we strive for public participation in systemic change. #decarbnow promotes discussions on the necessary economic and social reform towards a green future.